Computer Basic And Advanced

Class 5th to any Students , Senior Citizens , Office Worker, Non-Computer Teachers and Other Govt. Non Govt. Staff Member

Computer Basic and Advanced For Kids

Computer literacy is considered a very important skill to possess. Employers want their workers and team members to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers. Many employers try to use computers to help run their company faster and cheaper.Now computer use has become an essential skill to have. Whether you need to know how to complete school work, get a job, or for personal use; knowing the basics functions is essential. And here at Computer Connection Utah we understand that not everyone has these basics! Many of us have gotten frustrated at our lack of knowledge when we see another perform something that seems foreign to us with such ease. In today’s society the likelihood of getting a job without having knowing the basics of computer use is so slim! Because of this learning the essentials will vastly help you in your life. Almost every business has computer use involved in some process of the business, and for those that don’t use computers, your computer use will set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Course Content And other Details

Basic Computer Details

  • Introduction to Computer History and Other
  • Computer Hardware and software
  • Computer Memory
  • Computer Parts
  • Folder/Copy/Paste/Open/Delete File
  • Operating System
  • Paint
  • Troubleshooting
  • Many More…



  • Basic Internet History
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Searching Website
  • How to work in Youtube and other website,/li>
  • How to use Google in study .
  • Internet Security
  • Email accounts
  • Many More…


  • Ms-Word
  • Ms- Excel
  • Ms-Power-point
  • Ms- Outlook
  • File Creating /Deleting/storing
  • Create template /slide/Presentation
  • Create spreadsheet/formula /Salary/and other account information
  • Many More…

HTML5 and CSS 3

  • Design And Mockup
  • HTML Form /Design/Paragraph/List/Marquee
  • CSS Margin / Padding/ Background/link
  • HTML Css Using Landing Page
  • HTML CSS Style Page
  • PSD to HTML


  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Photo Editing
  • Vector Mask
  • Layers
  • Short-cut keys
  • Color / Image Effect
  • Many more…

Class Time: Mon- Fri or Saturday-Sunday

Duration : 2 Months

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