Machine Learning Industrial Training

Module1: Introduction
Module 2: Core Python
Module 3: Python Libraries for Data Science
Module 4: Python Modules for Access, Import/Export Data
Module 5: Data Manipulation, Cleansing and Munging
Module 6: Data Analysis and Visualization
Module 7: Statistics
Module 8: Predictive Modeling
Module 9: Data Exploration for Modeling
Module 10: Data Preparation
Module 11: Solving Segmentation Problems
Module 12: Linear Regression
Module 13: Logistic Regression
Module 14: Time Series Forecasting
Module 15: Machine Learning
Module 16: Unsupervised Learning: Segmentation
Module 17: Decision Tree
Module 18:Ensemble Learning (Supervised)
Module 19:Artificial Neural Networks
Module 20: Support Vector Machines
Module 21: K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm (KNN)
Module 22:Naïve Bayes
Module 23: Data Mining
Module 24: Project work

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