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Hi Visitors,

I have worked in different IT companies for 8+ years. When I was working I dreamed of my own company which is now coming live. Now, I want to explore and share knowledge which I have gained in 8+ years and To do something new and extra ordinary in IT field I have created my vision and mission. After a long time that dream is becoming live and I have named my dream “WindowIT“. I want people to know more and power of IT field that is why I named it WindowIT i.e a window where all the problems can be solved easily and immediately, and tag line of our company is “BASED BY TRAINER | TRICKS BY DEVELOPERS”.

“It is a saying that if the base is strong then the building is strong same like as in our childhood our parents wants to be us in not good but best school so that we can have a bright future.”

While working in IT field I have faced too many problems like I was very good at theory part but what about the practical knowledge? When I was at my first interview I know every thing about the Computer language and about how to work theoretically but i was blank when interviewer asked me some questions which were related to practical knowledge. When my interview was over and I was waiting for my result first thing I was doing is praying to god to please help me getting this job and the second thing which struck my mind was that how Confident was I in the interview without having any practical knowledge and I was thinking of my other fellows who were might be in the same situation like me and at that time I thought of having my own company where I will provide the practical knowledge along with the theory part. And Yeah I know now you want to know whether I got that job, Well to your surprise I got that job because they thought I have good theoretical knowledge and they want me to give one chance to prove myself and then I have started my carrier in IT field. Now here I does not mean that only Practical knowledge is beneficial, both theory and practical have their own importance. Without Theoretical knowledge Practical Knowledge is not possible and without Practical Theoretical knowledge is nothing.

Similarly without trainer strong base is not possible and without developer tricks are not possible. So I my Company Trainers provide theoretical knowledge to build strong base and professional developers provide practical knowledge.