Six weeks Industrial Training In Chandigarh

Six weeks training period of graduation is that time in which the student do practical of the theoretical things which he/she has learn’ t during his study time. Specially after graduation or post graduation in Engineering field six weeks training is a very important. It is not a part of the syllabus also it is the part of the new life which you will start after you study. As in these 6 months student do complete practicals of the theory knowledge
which is gained in the graduation, it is very important to also have knowledge of live projects means how to handle projects on servers?, how to make live websites?. After gaining all this knowledge student will be eligible for the job. Keeping all these points in mind we have started providing.
six weeks training in following fields:
1. PHP
2. SEO
We provide live projects based training. We provide the opportunity to work on live projects. According to our view point only having theoratical knowledge is not enough for job you must have practical knowlege. WindowIT is proving complete practical six weeks training and also insures you job after training.